Plastic Engineering and Prototyping

Plastic Engineering and Prototyping

Part Design

Conceptual Design

Our in-house CAD systems and engineers have experience with single component designs as well as functional assemblies. We can conceptually design your product and evaluate fit, function, material volume, weight and total cost.

Detail Design Capability

We work with established and experienced local vendors for complex detail design projects. These companies operate the latest versions of Pro/Engineer, SDRC Ideas, and AutoCAD design systems, and understand the high expectations of the industries we serve.

File Types

Our system can accept most CAD files.

Quick Prototyping

Quick prototyping services are contracted with reputable local vendors that operate state-of-the-art SLS and SLA equipment. When numerous samples are required, these vendors can also provide cast urethane sample prototypes to fit project budget constraints. Various prototype materials are also available to meet your mechanical property requirements.

Testing and Evaluation

AP&P is very experienced in the area of functional testing of our molded components. We use in-house equipment as well as experienced local labs to complete your evaluation plans accurately and on-time.

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