About Us

Akron’s Commitment and Innovation


Since 1890, AKRON Porcelain & Plastics Company has satisfied its customers by providing total value in the supply of custom-molded ceramic and plastic parts and assemblies. Our commitment has always been to provide reliable materials, engineering, and part performance backed by strong ethical values and financial stability.

Future Vision

Akron plans on the continuation of our core competencies in Ceramics and Plastics (molding, hardware, finishing, and assemblies). We will work beyond convention to provide solutions to our customers. We will actively solicit new technologies and meld them into our current capabilities to bring additional value to our customers.

Mission Statement

For over 130 years, the Akron Porcelain & Plastic Company has worked in partnership with our customers, employees, and suppliers. We remain committed to producing quality products at competitive prices while remaining profitable.



Using our design, processing, and material knowledge, we will take your concept and follow it through completion.

Molded Plastics

We specialize in thermoset and thermoplastic materials. Processing capability includes injection, transfer, and compression molding. Our niche is in high temperature and electrical applications.

Molded Ceramics

We specialize in glazed, unglazed, refractory, and electrical applications. Processing capabilities include compression, injection, and extrusion.


Our objective is to assist with part design at the early stage of the design phase of a program for cost effectiveness of production. We can test and validate new designs relative to part performance. We can provide prototypes (SLA’s) and/or working models.


Our quality plans are determined by both the customer and the requirements of the parts with AKRON participation as part of the APQP process.