Oil & Gas Technology

Oil & Gas Technology

Oil & Gas Technologies

Frac Balls

Since 1957, AKRON Porcelain & Plastics Company has specialized in molding Thermoset material and processing technology to satisfy all of your oil & gas technology needs. AKRON uses both phenolics and glass-filled polyesters that range from specific gravities of 1.3 – 3.6. These same frac ball materials have compression strengths ranging from approximately 11,000-51,000 psi. No tooling fees for standard diameters.

Pultruded Rods and Profiles

AKRON Porcelain & Plastics Company’s Pultruded Rods are manufactured with high strength epoxy resin with the option of other formulas that would fit your custom profiles and various diameters. AKRON uses state of the art equipment to precision grind for tight tolerance applications. Standard shapes are available with no tooling fee.

Down-Hole Thermoset and Technical Ceramic Molding Technology

AKRON has excelled in molded and extruded ceramics Since 1890 and continues to engineer new formulas that will accommodate the Oil & Gas Industry

Pultruded Rods

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