Akron Ceramics

Akron Ceramics products have great history in Summit County, Ohio where they were first known in 1890 as the “The Akron Smoking Pipe Company“, in 1920 The Mogadore Insulator Co, needing access to the railroad in 1928 the new building and company was renamed “The Akron Porcelain Company” Then in 1946 we became known as the “Akron Porcelain & Plastics Co.” We now produce our quality ceramics parts in the energy efficient Batch Kiln that was put into service in 2005.

Underground Cable Racks

Trending Spotlight: Underground Cable Racks

Underground Cable Rack Insulators with supporting hardware are commonly employed for cable mounting and guide support in manholes, cable trenches or sub stations. The cable rack system minimizes cable tilling, swaying or drooping.
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Industries Served

Electrical Distribution, Foundry, Major Appliance, Commercial Lighting, Water Filtration, Medical, Oil & Gas, Automotive