Reduce maintenance, improve safety, maximize cost savings!

Greaseless Composite Bushings require no lubrication, are heat-resistant up to 250 degrees C, and prolong mechanism wear life.  The greaseless design of these high-performance bushings drastically reduces all cost and maintenance issues traditionally associated with lubricated metal and nylon bushings.  Replacement parts and time-consuming maintenance are virtually eliminated.  This material is highly resistant to temperature and friction, and offers significant weight savings compared to their bronze counterparts.  The Akron Greaseless Composite Bushing yields twice the life of conventional bronze and nylon bushings.  Our bushings are best for low RPM applications (up to 1000 RPM continuous or 1800 RPM intermittent).

Wide-range applications can benefit from the easy installation of these bushings such as brake systems, motors, and lift gates.   Our Greaseless Composite Bushings are produced with tight tolerances which translate to safety and dependability - accomplished without lubrication and its inherent difficulties.


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